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He was cracked, but it was through the crack that the light came.

Dame Edith Sitwell on William Blake

Services: Editing, Teaching, and Speaking


Potter brings wide and deep editing experience to every text she works with, whether it's a novel or creative non-fiction book manuscript, an essay, short story,web page, website, lecture, speech.

She enjoys working with authors to bring the necessary clarity, appropriate style (whether raw, elegant, or whimsical), distinctive voice, and beauty to words on a page. Editing other people's work is just as much a discovery process as writing one's own work. And in both cases, as writer and as editor, one does not intrude, but steps aside for the work.

Potter specializes in editing fiction, spiritual literature, and academic writing, but she can help transform any group of words so they do what the author imagined they would do.

Contact her for availability and rates, or for a copy of her curriculum vitae and references: readermail@​

Classes, Workshops, and Coaching Sessions

A natural teacher, Potter is dynamic, vibrant, creative, and engaging in class, workshop, and retreat settings. Her three decades of teaching experience--teaching graduate classes, private workshops, classes at writing conferences, adult education classes, community education classes, poetry classes for elementary school students, and more--have honed her natural skills. She excels at teaching style and structure, both traditional and alternative writing structures such as collage.

She leads private writing workshops in the Seattle area for groups of 6-8. Groups can hire her to lead workshops tailored to their experience and needs. She specializes in spiritual writing, spiritual memoir, stories, essays, and beyond. Contact her to find out if a bi-weekly seven-session writing group is about to start, or form your own group and plan your own seven-session schedule with her.

Do you want to work on your own? Potter is an excellent writing coach. She is prompt, clear, encouraging, stimulating, compassionate, knowledgable, and able to appreciate the humor in most situations.

Contact her for availability and rates, or for a copy of her curriculum vitae and references: readermail@​

Readings and Speaking Engagements

Potter has given readings and spoken all over the United States, to a variety of audiences.

She speaks on subjects as varied as feminist theology and spirituality, sexual and domestic violence, the writing life, and the relationship between Judaism and Christianity and Islam.

She is also available to give readings from her published work or from work in progress.

Contact her for availability and rates, or for a copy of her curriculum vitae and references: readermail@​

Selected Works

A gripping and lyrical story of a woman struggling with God, her mother, her body, and her self.
Story Collection
A rich gathering of distinctive southern voices, each revealing a depth of spirit and longing.
An exploration of the meaning of dancing through reflections on growing up in a religious tradition that forbade dancing and the experience of dancing as a spiritual act.
A meditation on God, the self, Alzheimer's, love, prayer, and Kabbalah
Classic exploration of sin and evil from a feminist perspective.
A new and moving approach to understanding conversion from Christianity to Judaism.
Theology, Religion, and Spirituality
An inspirational spiritual autobiography that weaves together dramatic family history, healing from trauma, the anatomy of conversion (from Christian to Jew and from believer to mystic), vocational struggle, spiritual experience, and mystic stories and poems from the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic traditions.
Classic liberation theology textbook incorporating voices from around the world and creative understandings of Christian doctrines.

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