Lift Every Voice: Constructing Christian Theologies from the Underside

Selected Works

A gripping and lyrical story of a woman struggling with God, her mother, her body, and her self.
Story Collection
A rich gathering of distinctive southern voices, each revealing a depth of spirit and longing.
An exploration of the meaning of dancing through reflections on growing up in a religious tradition that forbade dancing and the experience of dancing as a spiritual act.
A meditation on God, the self, Alzheimer's, love, prayer, and Kabbalah
Classic exploration of sin and evil from a feminist perspective.
A new and moving approach to understanding conversion from Christianity to Judaism.
Theology, Religion, and Spirituality
An inspirational spiritual autobiography that weaves together dramatic family history, healing from trauma, the anatomy of conversion (from Christian to Jew and from believer to mystic), vocational struggle, spiritual experience, and mystic stories and poems from the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic traditions.
Classic liberation theology textbook incorporating voices from around the world and creative understandings of Christian doctrines.

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